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Longarm quilting service

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Hip Kitties

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 12:05 PM Comments comments (117)
This wonderfully bright quilt was made by my customer Angelika for a cat loving friend and she had specifically requested a cat pantograph, which I was luckily able to source from America.  Unfortunately the UK is lacking on supplies for longarm quilters, and we have to import alot of our gadets and gizmos from the US.  Thank goodness for the internet....
This was a large quilt so I have not been able to capture the whole effect of the quilt unfortunately.  I have been looking at some possible ways of how to display and photograph my quilts in my studio and have found a few suggestions so hopefully I will have some better photography results in the future which may involve ropes, pullies and clamps... 
Red fabric is notoriously difficult to photograph ....but here is the back.